I don’t know what to do.

I want to get out there, you know, find a record label, maybe find some peeps to collaborate or even assist each other with composing, but I have nooo clue where to start. 
I wasn’t born into music, first off, so I don’t know where to begin. I still can barely read notes, however I have a knack for melody-mixing. The world is so big out there, and there’s so many different labels or ways to get promoted, but it still is nothing but a big ass mess to me.
I just like making music, and I’m tired of being so damn poor that I can barely afford food for my house. I was hoping that maybe I could have a side-career producing dance music and making a slight income off of it while I work my shitty job or go to college, but looking up “ways to get my music heard on google” is just a headache.
If only I could meet a professional. It’s so damn frustrating.

New Home, and Studio Equipment

My old speakers crapped out, so I bought some pretty decent sounding ones from Best Buy. Klipsch Audio, pretty sick equipment I’ll tell ya, and the Sub it came with kicks serious Bass.

The studio now is literally a box, because our house is small ((More money, more things, moving in a year or so to St Louis…), so yeah, I’m pretty blocked in, but I have access to everything I need.

Recently been working on Holiday type music, Christmas, Halloween, etc., so shout out to any Christmas Music fans, lemme know a song you’d like re-done or remastered. I plan on doing both Instrumental and Dance(y) type music for the upcoming season, so just lemme know.